Forever growing old

With the way of the world we are forever growing old with the people that we meet its not a terrible feat

Being a West London Girl I like to be in the know, doing stand up comedy and always on the go

Stand up isn’t easy but I never feel queasy, and as soon I am on that stage everything appears so easy

Telling stories and jokes making people laugh and I am having glass of wine in the bath ready for the next gig which is going to be big

It is time for some fun and I always on the run, with a gig here and gig there, I am a stand up comedian doing gigs everywhere

Travel through London hitting the town is no wonder we go about our day in a travelling gown

With the wind in my ears and my hair, I love people watching and would like to see a great London fair.

\Woman Walking On London Street. Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors ...





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