So I met this young girl who I thought had a heart of gold, turns out not so much, any how I thought she might change once we got to know each other.

We had a few drinks and it turns out she likes the same groups, same drinks and same TV shows but I learned later that she was an impostor of another girl and in fact this so called girl was a bloke.

She had the biggest Adams Apple you’ve ever seen and a chin a size of a golf club, but she was pretty not gonna lie, expect we went to toilets and out comes a willy.

Now all I can say is this ladybird didn’t have spots but she did have a few hairs on the chin too, I thought it was hormones you know as you get older you can begin to grow unwanted hair but no by the end of the week she had a full grown beard!

crossdresser Photos - PIXTA


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