Egg on head

So I was at London Zoo when a couple approached me and said, are you that stand up comedian?

I replied yes warts and all yes that’s me, and they showed me a picture of myself, not the most flattering of photos and I asked have I got egg on my head? at which they replied you do look a bit scrambled

They continued to ask questions, to the point they asked have I heard of timbucktoo I said no have you? Can you find it on a Satnav?

Then they asked I have heard of the word gibberish? I said don’t talk rubbish, at which they asked have you heard of the hounds of baskerbilles?

I said no, but I have heard of the hounds of the baskervilles

Then they asked have you seen the word gullible in the dictionary at which I replied no don’t be silly I not gonna fall for that one… do pigs fly?



Fashion woman in sketch style in London. Vector illustration ...



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