So Predictable

What happens to the chicken who crosses the road, I asked a friend one day

I don’t know it is a mysterious world but if they stay in the road for too long they could end up being brown bread, so if I were the chicken I wouldn’t cross the road but stick to the other side instead.

What happens to the cow who crosses over the moon, I don’t know I answered perhaps they saw some food and wanted to moo

Was the world built in seven days, lets see, Monday is oh good no more work day, Tuesday is gosh still the beginning of the week day, Wednesday almost half way through, Thursday almost Friday day, Friday another time to partay

Did the world form from a loud bag, well I wondered what that noise was, I thought it was a herd.

Do you believe in astronomy no but I believe I psychic as I will be doing the same as I did yesterday, so predictable as being a stand up comedian and now it well!

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