Skirty Knickers Mavis

So I got talking to this girl I won’t name names, but she was a bit of a hay-ho if you get my meaning, and she looked like sometimes when she got angry that she was teething, she would take of her clothes give herself a poke and start smoking

Of course this was to just impress her friends, yes she was one of them, she had to be like everyone else and was a jealous cow, and apparently was bedlam in bed aswell

Now she apparently liked doobies and this would give her the snooties and would get in trouble every single time and get into the groovies

She couldn’t dance to save her life, forget Beyonce more like the Frankenstein doing the moon walk, and you’ve heard of Murder on the dance floor well she practically killed it and scribbled with herself all the time.

Could she drink no, in secret with a brandy or two only to impress the guy she had on the go. She had so many blokes she could hold a seance of her own.

She loved pillow talk especially when her face was buried in one, talking dirty to someone.

That’s story of Skirty knickers Mavis !

Cartoon woman with big ass in a bathing suit Vector Image


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