Becoming a stand up comedian

woman in LondonBecoming a stand up comedian wasn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and energy

Yet I knew I had it in me, telling gag after gag, making people laugh is the best medicine in the world

Of course these days you have to be careful not to offend anybody, but at the same time reminding my followers that this is a joke and not to take it too seriously

Seeing people rub their eyes crying with laughter is a godsend and I always knew I had the comedian within me and I try not to offend, it just comes out the wrong way sometimes

Feed back is what I thrive on and one guy who came to me and told me some jokes that were very very funny

“What happened to the Squirrel that knocked on the door” He said

I replied “I don’t know what happened to the Squirrel that knocked on the door”

“He was looking for his nuts once more”

I love talking to people sharing jokes and when I am on Facebook I offer them a poke

Give me a gag any day and once my fans start there is no getting away

So here’s to them and them to me, and being a stand up comedian I hope to leave a legacy!






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