Introducing my mother

It is Friday a day that I gig and now I am sitting in my bathroom with new blonde wig

I love being different personalities and doing impressions of the queen and the royals

And now I will soon be able to do a show again I am taking no prisoners with me and will be taking the piss of everything

I hate using self check out tills they get on my bloody nerves and sends my mum wild

She ffs and blinds and never used to swear until she learned to drive

Everyone is a C U Next Tuesday, a nob head or a dick head

That is why I spend my time in cabs, a lot more of an easy journey and I have taken so many cabs that I could hold shares in the cab company

I do take the train or bus now as I am quite well known it is not always possible as I do get mobbed by fans and people who recognize me

I can’t take my mum anyway as she embarrasses me most days when we are out and about and gets caught in revolving doors and shut in lifts that sometimes I pretend she isn’t with me

How she ever gave birth I do not know as she had two of us and she hates pain so I bet she had a epidural

Gas and air on the go and now she turned up with pink hair so he we go, another day of embarrassment but hey ho that is mothers for you and now she has a new man on tow!

Library of girl shopping graphic library library free png files ...


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