Locked in and going insane

Free Woman Driving Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

It so good to get out and about now, with being locked in some how

I was doing lockdown as much as I could but was driving me in sane and I lost my key

My mother ringing me 10 times a day, when I was fine the last call you made to me was not helping

I feel uplifted that my favourite coffee shop in West London reopened and now I can get my caffeine fix again

Having a Skinny Latte in doors just doesn’t cut it and I have missed you my take away cup

There is no longer any need to have the hump

Soon I’ll be having my Friday KFC again and deliveroo service will be going in sane

So here’s to Uber and my seeing my usual taxi driver again

It feels like its been an eternity but here we are again ready to get out there and make people laugh again!




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