Bring on the champers and the cheers

Hooray the pubs are open and time to create a display, with my humour and jokes no one will ever go away

It feels funny after a long lockdown, but now the gigs are back on its time to get out there and tour around the town

To me London will never be London if it didn’t have comedy clubs and for me it is all about the punters and the very many pubs

If you can get a drink and have a laugh then why not join me and forget about the passed

I love touring it is what I always dreamed my life would be

So come along and as it time to put on your glads rags and be free

I love my life as a stand up comedian and I hope after you see me

you will think that there is love and laughter in everyone related to me

Bring on the champers and put up the flags because now I am out there I can now celebrate with my fans!

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