So lets get glam and put our glad rags on

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There is never a day where I don’t feel like I want to be funny

Being a comedian it comes with the territory

With smiles and cheers is joy to my ears and one that will play out for years and years

I want to do this until I can no longer speak and have people crying wherever I gig

My dream has always been the London Palladium and be able to make people laugh and get a standing ovation

So of I go from show to show and making everyone laugh wherever I go

Its not about the different voices I can do but the different gags I perform in a show

So lets get glam and put our glad rags on and be on top form before there’s a storm

Seeing comedians as a kid was always my favourite time of the year, usually in Panto or summer seaside show, with people dressing up and having a disco!



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