Think of the days where I can take it slow

Just because I am a stand up comedian doesn’t mean I am up all night partying,

In fact when I am not at a gig, I tend to go bed early with a cup of tea or a horlicks, watching a chick flick

Yes I will sometimes have a G and T, and if you aren’t from my era, that is a Gin and Tonic

Back in the day when I was a lot younger than what I am now, I would be out doing tequila shots any how

I didn’t have a care in the world, but now I am well known to some

I find that I am slowly becoming like my mum

On the evenings I have no work I will be in my Pj’s by 9 O’clock

I don’t care if others stay up until midnight, because I like to be a sleep by 11 O’clock

I can’t do like I did all day drinking feeling myself sinking into a drunken mess with sick all over my dress, and that is how I ended up with no boyfriend and got a pet dog instead

Anyway I enjoy my early nights, so when I do have a gig I can have well earned pint

Laughing and joking wherever I go I can’t help but think of the days where I can take it slow

So here I am on my balcony enjoying the view and feeling content and happy to all!

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