The Rat Pack and their legacy

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Listening to Frank Sinatra, has really been my sauce of Karma, because it makes me dance in my kitchen whilst preparing my breakfast,

You can’t beat a bit of swing, it’s just my thing, and my dream one day is to sing with a full brass band

Being a Comedian you always have ambition, and do things that are unpredictable and funny

And I always have dreams of Frank Sinatra, saying “Come over here honey”

If only it could be true, singing the blues, and dancing to songs like “That’s Life” and people singing along, some people getting their steps wrong, as they dance away to Rat Pack whose legacy is here to stay, and lives on

You can’t beat songs like “Ain’t that a kick in the head” and “Fly me to the moon” as it gives my heart a big boom, of love and affection and wishing that I could sing these songs with a big brass band, and be flown to the moon, with my Martini in my hand

I don’t really like boom boom music, but music that makes me feel good, and when I listen to it, it lifts my mood.

So come fly with me lets fly and fly away, as singing with Frank Sinatra, the Rat pack, would make my day!

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