When you just don’t give a fuck

There are some people that make you happy and some that drive you up the wall

and I have met all kinds of people but had to bump into a arsehole once more

If people just would be good as gold then the world would be a happier place, but there are still shit arses about, so I try to do my best to avoid such C**ts like the girl I knew who was really a complete state

When you just don’t give a fuck, remember to not give them a the time of day, and I got to say my so-called BFF apparently, is the biggest bitch going and is jealous about everyone and everything around her, so shut you See You Next Tuesday and be on your way

There is a queue to hit you, so I would do a run now before we put your head on display

And remember it isn’t about the size of tits you’ve got, but about personality which I am afraid my neighbour hasn’t got, so do me a favour love, get a grip and this is not my usual neighbour but is a complete disaster

And if you see a cliff jump of it because I don’t give a toss about you, and you just want a reaction out of me which isn’t going to happen, so concentrate on yourself and leave me be!


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