The Bitchy Girls

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I am a girl who loves going out with her mates, and paint the town red, and have a laugh, get pissed,

There are mates who put up a front, but do I care no, they keep thinking they are scoring points,

But are they, yes I do cry when I am hurt, but I will always get back up again, and I can fight, I just like to warn people without carrying it out,

I can slam a punch which they know, and when I you know it will hurt,

Yes you can take the piss, but if I call you a fat pig what you gonna do, the same, but are you no,

You were lovely once and now you aren’t the people who I want around me because you shout about that you are bitches and like to put it about,

You can but will I judge no. Yes I write posts that you may not want to read, but it ain’t for you, as you think you should be the biggest girl in town

Well be my guest because at the end of the day, I don’t need to brag everyone knows what you are as they just seen it,

Then I suppose I’ll get text saying, High Sweet heart how you doing,

And I am going to say, yeah I’m okay but I have just seen you are a cunt, and yes I know you may laugh, and so will I, because I do wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t fucking care!

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