My Friends Own Christmas Special

People send me up and they think by doing this its going to stop me from achieving what I set out to do, which is making people laugh for a living.

Yes okay, so some may say I am like Marmite, you either hate me or like me, I’ll let you decide,

I can take a jab, and okay so you bought me to tears, but you no what I don’t mind,

There was a girl who worked for the BBC and every year she would blag that she wants to be on TV

I say let her, let her have her moment, as will it won’t stop her, who knows.

If there is a Christmas Special she probably make out its hers, and will that hurt me? No! I will keep going and say to her congratulations, you’ve done really well,

I will continue on having a go. There is no harm in trying to be famous, as long as you aren’t all front and are real,

I’ll even write for her if she likes, and then I will take her to the bar and buy her a pint.

She liked breakfast not the food, but on TV and she doesn’t like hot drinks whilst she’s working on a programme, in case she needs to pee

Her words are when I am nervous, “Oh I’m used to it” and that is great but you know I am bonkers and not afraid to show it, is that being real? I don’t know my famous friend,

So here is a toast to my fabulous famous friend and will ever publicise her talents no end

I was proud of her, she has done well, but you should never let someone else from having a turn aswell!

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