Celebrating The New Year

So even if we are in lockdown does not mean stay in all of the time

in fact I am going to use it to have a night in zooming my friends and open the gates once again to my booze fest I have each year

I am a piss head sometimes but is that such a crime

I don’t drink when I have a gig, but do afterwards and that will always be my style and will have the comedy store to play music so me and my guests can jig

Just because my gig may be over it doesn’t mean I have to go home early in fact on some occasions I have stayed out, and not go home until early hours in the morning

Who is going to tell me not to, noone and I ignore my mum when she calls me a “Dirty Stop out” as I do love being an adult rather than a child, and is the reason why I don’t always see my mother

I love a new year because it means new start and having a hang over on the day of New Years is traditional and so will be having my hang over cure tomorrow and sit in front of the TV and be totally lazy!

Hangover Woman Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

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