Mrs Copycat/Originality Love

Being someone who likes to party is feeling some how a bit shirty, because I want to let my hair down but can’t because of COVID

I love my job, yet can’t do it yet and I have just spoken to one of neignbours who is all gob

She seems to copy me non stop, like others I know and when you don’t say hello to her she gets into a strop

I bet if I died my hair pink, so would she, if I had the deadly flu we are trying to stay clear from, she’d have it

“Originality love”, I want to say to her, and I even saw her copy me when she did an open mic night at the comedy store

I kept my mouth shut but was itching to say, “What can’t you find your own jokes, nicking my bloody act. I wrote those for a reason, because they are about me not you, and I bet if I have a pooh so will you, so stop being me because you are utter crap”

She even copied me when we bumped into McDonalds and when I was rollerblading

Honestly, I bet if I move out of my flat she’d be following me and still try and steal my act

So to those who want to copy, please don’t because its about being different not being the same and I hate playing that sort of game!

Woman Laptop Clip Art - Royalty Free - GoGraph

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