Dear Girl what are you shouting for are you just doing it for the sake of it because honestly not bothered.

So as a kid there was always a girl who would shout and hollar whenever she saw me and I was like what is that about dear girl what are you shouting for you just doing it for the sake of it because honestly I know you want me to be bothered but I can catogorically tell you I am not,

I may listen to music or eat food you don’t have but do I care? No I don’t. When she saw I had a new hat or a new jacket she would shout, “Oh I’d like that coat who do you think you are?” and I’d lool around and think “Why does she always shout? I mean I wouldn’t mind but she lives just next door and I realised it, when her nan looked after her, she would often forget to put on her heariing aid and so was told by her nan “If you need me to hear you, you will have to shout” so that made sense and so we then understood and so we ended up becaming immune to it.

She then in the end saw that she didn’t always need to shout because other people’s hearing was okay and she got confused that’s all and began to then speak quieter. She still would pick at me but I said to her one day “Look if you like you can have one of my hats and coats, would you like one” and looked me shocked and was taken aback but said “No, I want you to see that I don’t like you”,

“So did you mean to shout then” Now I am confused and she said “Yes because when I shout i usually get everything I want and I don’t like it when i see that someone’s got items I ain’t got and shouting does get me everywhere and so no I just want to shout at you so you know that soon I’ll have those items because I usually do”.

So in the end I no longer spoke to this girl and she told a lie about her nan needing hearing aid and so in the end noone believed her and would end up staying in!

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