Lockdown Bad Hair Day

Oh my I cannot wait for Lockdown to come to an end as it feels like it has made me go some what insane,

I have never talked to myself so much, and even had a conversation with my dog of what to have for lunch,

Like he is going to say “Oh well, how about a sushi meal or go for what I do, a sugary dental dog free bone”

I have never thought I’d be one who would do word puzzles, yet here I am sitting in my appartment in West London, getting joy of a wordsearch book, I am so ready to go on tour and get a different look,

It is times like these where I am desperate for a change and so i got some new hair dye but it was for those who suffered with thin hair and washed out, and as I went out visiting the shops the colour began to embarrasingly run down my face, and didn’t make me look different I just had green streaks coming down my chin, and felt like a huge green mess.

Never use blonde “Do it yourself” hair dye when a brunette as i didn’t read the instructions and you are supposed to use the other bottle that the dye came with and didn’t realise there was one in there, to bleech my hair first before using the actual hair dye

So I looked like I had been splastered by the Incredible hulk and he had melted on top of my head, but was one story I could tell when I did a gig again and live, and would never try to exsperament with such hair dye again, and so here I am, back indoors talking to myself and i don’t feel safe now to go out doors, and actually visit a trained hair dresser.

Definitely a Lockdown bad hair day.

Portrait Of A Young Beautiful Woman With Green Hair And Flowers Stock  Illustration - Illustration of cover, beauty: 137039986

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