A Bit of how and why I became a Comedian

I was a girl who loved to spend time learning and watching other comedians before I became one myself,

I would have a brandy before I passed the line from behind the curtains and on to the stage, and it was how I was made,

I was never going to be a nerd who sat down and studied at school, that was the least thing I would do and would perform looking in the mirror and making gags up as I would go,

I then did my first show in the Comedy store in London and in a local club and I was off on a roll,

It didn’t take me long to find my feet and doing gigs you never knew who you would meet,

I was shuffed to have met Ken Dodd with his feather duster and he could tell gag after gag and never lose sight of himself,

So here i am in Lockdown waiting for it to clear but doing some Youtube stand up videos instead!

Spain Flamenco Dance YouTube Clip Art, PNG, 1600x1535px, Watercolor,  Cartoon, Flower, Frame, Heart Download Free

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