SAY it AS it is Puppet on a string

So I back doing my shows and takes a lot of stand up to get my pose and strutt my stuff

When I say Stuff my gags and routine, but the one thing I find thats’ missing is my full audience

You often have to think on your feet as the gags start coming out bit by bit, but a fabulous hit

Belly laughing is my goal and now work with a puppet on a string and get it caught around my elbow

My audience thinks it is part of the gig, but yet I find as I fix my puppet I get heckled by a muppet

“Do you want some string you arse?” he replies does that mean we can go on a date

No because you always come to my gigs an hour late, so give us your ticket you heckling mite

As i say this my puppet comes to light

My heckler laughs “Oh I bet I can pull your string”

“Not likely as I will taring up your ticket to put you in the bin!

Useless Person Stock Illustrations – 1,503 Useless Person Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

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