Back on the road/Its been a long day

Yes I am back on the road doing loads of gags for my shows. I hate the polite laughter as I want people to be in hysterics, in a good way and people paying to see me in lots of weighs.

I do take a load of stuff with me as i do like shopping and my biggest trait about me.

I see my audience as one of the best and not being seen by those who have come to have a rest

I was saw a guy when on stage falling asleep and I then sneaked up to him and said, Can I sit there instead and you, tell the gags, and when he woke up his wife was going mad.

“Leave my husband alone, he’s had a long day” and I say well madam you’ve just made my day

“Now when I see you I will snooze” but then seeing the wife, I turfed him out of his sit so I could. I lay back and waist his ticket money and then said “Do you just marry anybody, as now I have had a long day, telling gags whilst your husband is snoring away and said well it is my pay day so next time I’ll talk through foghorn and sleep when whilst you are laughing”

When she said the wife “Why you sleeping, its your show”

Oh thank you madam, I realise his sleeping was part of my show.

Snooze on your own time mr!

Bored Audience Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art -  iStock

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