Bit of a snotty nose/Comedy not suitable for a woman

So I am being spotted where ever I go and people wanting my autograph as I go about my day and this means a lot and doesn’t make me want to fly away, but there is always that one person who dislikes what I do and get asked, “Is stand up comedy really a job?”

I reply “Well I just signed your grown up son on his bottom so let me ask you, what why it wouldnt be?”
She says “Well it is not made a for a woman doing stand up”

“Oh really” I say “Then let me ask you, why did you say I am that comedian and why did you not ignore me”

“Well its my son he’s potty about you and I feel its not womanly”

“Oh don’t worry is it because my boobs are in the way you mean as I look at you and you’ve got more cleavage out than me and perhaps I should chop mine off and put them in a case then would you be happy?”

She remarks “Well you still got a vagina so yes, I don’t feel it is a career for women”

“Well do you known anyone who can sow it up and then would I be suitable?”

“No she says because you still got a long hair and womanly teeth”

“Not heard that one before never mind perhaps if I put on a suit and have medallion on my chest, now would I be more your type?”

“No, because your stiill female”

“Oh okay then you give me a number for a surgeon and then would you be happy?”

“No because never am”

I nod and say “See good thing I saved my money and perhaps if I could borrow a mans penis I’d be in your club as that last time I saw you, you were a man and now a women so I see a mans bits are not always needed in comedy and you are the one who bought a ticket as a bloke so you being sexist would you like to give it a try now a woman”

“No because I need to keep my faith and being a man once taught me a lot”

“Whats that now you are women that you can be a right snotty nose?”

“No because my son yawns when I tell a joke”

“Well good thing I am then, and Boris stop hiding as a woman as you not a man either”.

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