The Day my life as a comedian

As a single girl working as a comedian you’d be surprised that it is because I am silly most days and like to share it. I have put my keys in the fridge before now and left a piece of toast in the toaster for it to mould and needing to buy a new toaster and I have slept on floor and completely missed the bed as I had a few too many once and bang my head.

People are surprised who don’t know me when I tell what I do and my mother when I told her was a little disappointed and wanted me to be like her a hairdresser but the only hair I like to brush is my own and did some work experience and shaking like a leaf I nearly ended up scolded one of her clients and had to brush a women’s hair to find it was full of nits.

I don’t see comedy as a mans thing otherwise I wouldn’t have never decided for this to be my job, but it is and I like surprising people who think when they first see that I am not going to be any good and they end up crying with laughter.

It has been a career choice where I could tour through out the country and would like to expand myself and go abroad with my career firing on a high cylinders.

I feel at home when I am on stage and when they shout out “I can see your tits from here” I say well look in the opposite direction then, and see’s you later and if heckle me I will flatten you with them.

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