Meeting a Gothic Girl

I feel we all need a good laugh now because of the terrible things that are happening in the world,

so to today I decided to go for a stroll, and as I do I meet a fan, and she says I want to see you whenever I can,

I was a bit spooked but smiled politely, but they decided to follow me and then I think she looks familiar she looked like she came from a thriller

She was a gothic and was less spooky when I sat down and met her

This lady could have been in the band like kiss and be a rock star, and could drink a man to the floor

She told me about when she pretended to be the girl in the exorcist and be green to make kids who bullied her scared and made it clear she isn’t someone to be mess with

I laugh out loud and people are turning their heads, and she then starts to sing “Highway to hell” when she is asked does she drink spirits, and drank a load of blokes under the table

She then says “See you on stage” and I then say only one condition you teach me how to be your backing singer

It is amazing the type of people who follow me and glad I am part of the comedy community


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