Life on Tour

I am doing a tour and getting my bags packed I see I have a spider in my case that I see it, it isn’t it’s a hair band covered with my hair.

I am so glad I had realised otherwise there’d be a wall cut out of me running through it.

I know they are God’s Creatures, but they scare the shit out of me and so please no judging me.

I have seen Arachnophobia and could not sleep afterwards and so I go into my bathroom and then I see something shuffle and it is behind me a, Daddy Longlegs.

So I jump from the toilet and forget I had my knickers pulled down and topple over and run straight into the bathroom door.

I am now seeing butterflies and a wasp flies through the window and now dealing with that,

I can safely says it wasn’t my day and speak to someone who can get rid of it of the spider and the wasp so I can go to a nice lunch.

Life as a comedian is not always fun, especially when I nearly had a spider up my bum.


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