My Rules as a Comedian

As a comedian often women would say that being a woman we are as good as Katherine Tate and compare me to the late Joan Rivers and I say “I have no problem with that” in fact to me it is a complement, yet when it is a bloke it is “Ooo are you single?” and I say “Have you not been listening?”

I get asked like what if you weren’t a comedian what else would I be? and to be honest well I was working in a Supermarket, so probably stacking shelves.

I am not a drinker chucker sort of person and why would I waste a beer over someone’s head, that’s just a waste of money in my opinion, and so I say “hank you but not looking for a date just a bit of chatter, and what you thought of my stand up, that is why we are here.

I do get winks and shouted at by builders and their wives, and get wolf whistled as I walk on stage and then I hear whispers and say, “The only whisper I like is the chocolate bar not during my performance” and I can see them covering their mouths as they do it”. Why waste all that money just to whisper and sink down into their seats when I spot them.

So I have rules, no touching your nuts and we do have to think of those with a peanut allergy especially down south, no packets of crisps opening, if you have a chocolates then please share, and if you heckle me I will get you up and they will end up regretting it and laugh out loud and just enjoy taking you away from your normal lives.


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