The Life of a Comedian

Here I am on tour and it has been a experience that I could have filmed and stayed with me and be on shore.

Performing on cruise ships can be such good fun but having sea sickness not a good idea, so I staying on land eating a ice bun.

I need my coffee and my need my tea and make sure before I go on stage I go for a pea.

The worse thing is going on stage an needing a pea, but good in someways as it gets everyone in stitches and great for gags but not when everyone can see you have wet pants.

It so good to get back on stage as that is how I get paid and for it isn’t work but a life long hobby and yes I can be quite gobby, but toilet jokes gets the most laughs.

I do fart, that is natural isn’t it and I don’t have a fabulous diet but I am not a model i am 5 ft 4inches and like my body the way it is and looking like Kate Moss is only a wish.

It is good to be funny and make people laugh and tend to write my gags whilst having a bath.


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