Comedy keeps me warm

Here I am in the deep freeze and its because my heating gone on the blink and so can see me breath.

It’s so cold that I fear needing the toilet because of how cold I feel and then I see my dog and he wants me to take him for a jog.

Then I have a show and that means getting a shower and worried in case I lose my power and feeling so cold and no its not that I am getting old, its because I have no warmth and freezing my guts off.

I know people say that a cold shower is good for you, I want to say “Not when I feel my body turning blue I don’t” but in saying that it has made me realise how much I like the warmth, and not ready to make cold showers be my new thing.

How am I going to do my stand up if I am block of ice?

So got to get some warmth and when I stage that’s exactly why I do it, and love the lights on me to make people laugh in a warm indoor venue, to take their mind off the cold.


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